2019-2020 University Catalog 
    Feb 01, 2023  
2019-2020 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish - Education (Kindergarten through 12th Grade), Teaching Certification

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  • Daniel Casebeer, Ph.D.
  • Michele Chossat, Ph.D.
  • Debra Faszer-McMahon, Ph.D.
  • Kathleen Harris, Ph.D.
  • Judith Reyna, Ph.D.
  • John Spurlock, Ph.D.

For teaching certification requirements and learning objectives go to ”Education -Teaching Certification ”.

The major in Spanish provides students with the opportunity to acquire thorough linguistic proficiency as well as indepth knowledge of both cultural and literary topics. Spanish is the second language of the United States in its number of speakers, and one of the four most widely spoken languages in the world. The Spanish major is designed with those facts in mind and offers a wide range of courses in the language, literatures, and cultures of the twenty Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and Latin America.

Learning Objectives: Spanish

  1. Use the Spanish language at the advanced mid-level for majors, and at the intermediate mid-level for minors.
  2. Conduct short presentations in Spanish about a general cultural or social topic.
  3. Write efficiently in Spanish in a variety of communicative genres.
  4. Connect major topics of history, culture, and geography to current events in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.
  5. Examine the literary manifestations of culture from throughout the Spanish-speaking world.
  6. Speak and write about cultural manifestations of the language including literature, cinema, journalism, visual arts, products of popular culture, and various social and political institutions.
  7. Conduct independent research dealing with current cultural and/or social debates in the Spanish-speaking world.

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish must follow the requirements for the major in Spanish.

This teaching certification program prepares the student for a teaching certificate for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Spanish - Education Curriculum

Total Credits: 86

Special Education Endorsement

For students who wish to receive Special Education Endorsement in Secondary Education, the additional required courses are:

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