2023-2024 University Catalog 
    Jul 18, 2024  
2023-2024 University Catalog

English - Education (Grades 7 to 12), Teaching Certification

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  • Michael A. Arnzen, Ph.D.
  • Daniel Casebeer, Ph.D.
  • Christine Cusick, Ph.D.
  • Kathleen Harris, Ph.D.
  • Dennis Jerz, Ph.D.
  • Lee McClain, Ph.D.
  • Laura Patterson, Ph.D.
  • Nicole Peeler, Ph.D.
  • Tricia Shelton, Ed.D.
  • Melissa Tamburrino, Ed.D.
  • Albert Wendland, Ph.D.
  • Emily Wierszewski, Ph.D.

For teaching certification requirements and learning objectives go to ”Education -Teaching Certification ”.

The program in English education prepares teachers to instruct students in writing, language, literature, and communication, and to inspire in them a love of the written word in all its manifestations. Prospective teachers learn methods of encouraging students to interact with the writing of the past and today, and to produce the writing of the future - the poetry, drama, fiction, and novels yet to be written. Through courses designed especially for teachers, students experience and demonstrate contemporary practices in the instruction of English in its many forms.

Learning Objectives: English Education

  1. Examine a wide range of genres, styles, and cultural literatures.
  2. Examine the traditional canon and innovative nontraditional writers and writing.
  3. Demonstrate analytical skills of reading literature.
  4. Demonstrate a high level of writing skills and literary research.
  5. Write and speak in a wide range of formats appropriate to major emphasis: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, critical essay, oral presentation.
  6. Speak and write about issues in the discipline and how they interact with the culture at large.
  7. Articulate the ongoing relation between personal habits of reading and writing and the evolving study of English.
  8. Demonstrate an informed engagement with current theoretical questions concerning language learning, literacy, and pedagogy. 
  9. Demonstrate proficiency in developing, evaluating, and selecting appropriate materials and effective methods for the teaching of English.

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in English must follow the requirements for a major in English.

This certificate program prepares the student for a teaching certificate for seventh through twelfth grade.

English - Education Curriculum

Total Credits: 86

Special Education Endorsement

For students who wish to receive Special Education Endorsement in Secondary Education, the additional required courses are:

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