2022-2023 University Catalog 
    Jul 18, 2024  
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SED 201 - Instr’l Strat for Inclusive Ed (Education)

3 Credit(s)

Since the inception of inclusive schooling, teachers have used a wide range of instructional strategies not only to meet the academic needs of diverse learners, but also to inspire feelings of safety, excitement, and motivation. The purpose of this course is to prepare students seeking certification in secondary content areas, including art and modern languages, for planning instruction across the curriculum. By differentiating instruction-that is, by using democratic practices to develop learning experiences that challenge and support all students-teachers are more likely to reach their students in meaningful ways. Topics include assessment, classroom management, and technology.  A “B” or higher is required for formal admission to the Education Program.  Clearances and fieldwork required.

 Credits: 3.

 When Offered: Spring semester.

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